Contacting Dr. Kolb for explant surgery on 43-year-old silicone implants

Hello - I had silicone implants inserted in 1973 in St. Louis, Missouri. I've had trouble on and off with the left breast (two bouts of mastitis after my daughter was born in 1977 trying to nurse her, for example). Two weeks ago, I developed acute onset severe pain in my left breast. My gynecologist put me on antibiotics (Reflex) which I have been on for ten days now, with no relief. I had a mammogram last week which looked "normal with dense breast tissue." I'm getting an MRI tomorrow morning to determine if there is a rupture - but whatever the MRI finds, I cannot live like this. My left breast is swollen, painful, itches and has shooting pains, making it difficult to sleep and also difficult to simply function during the day in order to get my work done. Please let me know how to contact your office. Thanks so much.

Contact information

I do not often read these posts.  You can contact the office at 770-457-4677 or google us for this information.