Diseases from Defective Breast Implants

I have sent the following to a reporter wanting to know if breast implant illness is real.

Defective breast implants cause the following illnesses. There are over 50 peer reviewed articles in the medical literature on various aspects of these diseases but many doctors do not read the medical literature and continue to tell patients that breast implants do not cause any problems. These articles can be found at pubmed if you research the topics below.

1. Autoimmune diseases caused by silicone exposure in patients with certain genetic types such as HLA B27, HLA DR-53 and 54 and others. There is a story of an FDA research scientist with HLA B27 who got saline implants and became ill very quickly in my book The Naked Truth About Breast Implants.

2. Diseases from chemical toxicity due to patients with detoxification defects such as COMT and MTHFR (these affect about 30% of the population). This is usually from textured implants or silicone implants that start to leak chemicals at 8 to 10 years or after trauma. These include fibromyalgia which is from yeast biotoxins due to an immune problem due to the chemicals or neurological disease as the chemicals are often neurotoxins.

3. Diseases from silicone toxicity when a great deal of silicone leaks from the implant or the implant ruptures usually at 12 to 15 years. This often has an autoimmune component as silicone is a known adjuvant and there are many articles on this in the medical literature (it is called ASIA syndrome).

4. Diseases due to mold biotoxin illness especially in saline implants in patients with environmental mold exposure. One quarter of the population cannot detox mold biotoxins which cause a fibromyalgia and neurological illness as the biotoxin is also a neurotoxin. Mold grows inside the implant after surgery. Rarely when a saline implant is partially deflated for a long time, mold will be seen at the time of the explantation surgery inside the implant but usually the mold is a contaminate that will grow with time. Surgeons often say they do not see mold at surgery as if one can actually see microscopic mold or bacteria. Microscopic mold often produces a potent biotoxin that causes a chronic illness.

5. The immune problem associated with defective breast implants is a T cell deficiency so cancer, viral illnesses, intracellular infections such as mycoplasma, Lymes disease and other spirochetes, IC, and RA are seen in these women along with parasites in some. It is important to give LDN as well as immune supplements to correct the immune problems. The peer reviewed literature shows that women with silicone breast implants have a higher rate of many cancers.

6. Heavy metal toxicity must also be treated in patients with detoxification defects in order for these patients to regain their health.

Many patients have one or more of these problems with consist of silicone, chemical, biotoxin, and heavy metal toxicities along with co infections of yeast, mold, intracellular infections, viruses, parasites, and bacterial chest wall infections which must be treated . Failure to treat explanting patients who are ill with antifungals, antivirals, and sometimes antiparasitics as well as failure to detox the chemicals, may lead to their not regaining their health after explantation. This in turn has led doctors to claim that since they did not get well after explantation, that breast implant illness is not a real problem.

Understanding of Integrative Holistic medicine is necessary when treating this disease and I am the only plastic surgeon that I know of that is boarded in Integrative Holistic Medicine that is currently treating breast implant patients. This knowledge is needed for detoxification and immune and endocrine support. Patients have thyroid, adrenal, sex hormone and ADH deficiencies due to a hypothalamic problem that most endocrinologists have never heard of. The ADH deficiency can leading to bleeding problems at surgery that must be corrected with Desopressin (which is ADH) but most surgeons are ignorant of this problem and do not have the medication on hand in out patient surgery centers. Many patients have severe adrenal insufficiency and must be treated with the proper steroid prior to surgery to prevent serious anesthesia complications. Meanwhile, plastic surgeons are ignorant of these problems yet do surgery on these patients every day, often replacing leaking saline implants that are defective and have mold contamination of the chest wall with new implants and the patient continues to suffer with a chronic illness that surgery exacerbates. Some surgeons stick needles in saline implant to deflate them prior to surgery and the patients become very ill due to this undiagnosed mold problem. I have seen thousands of patients ill from their defective breast implants in order to determine what is causing their illnesses.

I believe that due to the complexity of these illnesses and the fact that both intracellular infections and mold biotoxin illness are politically incorrect (mold illness would cost government and industry money in the liability and workmans comp areas and intracellular infections are the basis of our biological warfare system), that illnesses from defective breast implants will continue to remain outside the realm of traditional medicine as there is too much money to be made by plastic surgeons and the implant companies in order for this illness to be acknowledged. The studies that put silicone back on the market after a 12 year moratorium, were designed to be below the time that it was known that implants would start to leak. The only study in the literature that looked at patients with ruptured implants, concluded that systemic illness was present and was on the FDA website as the FDA helped to fund this study. However, the FDA and the ASPS continued to state publicly that silicone implants only cause local chest wall problems and not systemic problems.

Meanwhile, your tax dollars support Medicare and Medicaid for hundreds of thousands of women who suffer from a chronic illness that is treatable. Dow Corning paid out the largest class action suit in history to some of these women with older implants. Then the FDA put silicone implants that still leak and rupture right back on the market.

Feel free to copy this article and post on other boards as the women on these boards believe that explantation alone will be sufficient to treat their disease. They are also ignorant of the complexity of the disease they have, due to doctor and other patients' ignorance and will not recover their health if their toxicities and co infections are not treated.

At a crossroads

Thank you, Dr. Kolb,

Wish to hell these things weren’t true, but I’m starting to believe they are. Even if 20% of it is true that’s too much. I’m considering explanting expanders that have been in 3 weeks. Where can I find images with surgical results from nipple sparing skin sparing double mastectomy where a woman decided to go flat?

49yo from Tennessee

Tissue expanders

If you continue with the reconstruction, the expanders will be removed and replaced. Even though the cosmetic result is not as good, Allergan smooth saline implants can be used in most patients safely. They usually last 15 years. Avoid any area that might have mold. You can google images with the description to get photos.