double-lumen implanted 36 years ago leaking

I had double-lumens implants (silicone inner lumen with saline outer lumen) implanted 36 years ago. I had major encapsulation. Mammograms suggested possible rupture. This week I have noticed some deflation and severe pain which has gotten gradually worse. I saw a surgeon about having them removed in 2012. He used fat to reconstruct breasts. I had both of my knees replaced in 2012/2013 so I put off dealing with the explant and lift. am making an appointment to see a surgeon but I am concerned that he will not know how to deal with bacterial and fungal infections. I go to a functional medicine doctor that I can consult for the medical protocol. Does Dr. Kolb use fat to reconstruct breasts after explant and removal of capsule?

Fat transfer

Dr. Gordon does fat transfer six months after explantation if you have regained your health.