hair loss

I had my first silicone implants about 10 years ago, then replaced 3 years ago after a split was found in one of them and i became incredibly sick (loss of weight, tingling in arms/legs, heart palpitations, sweating) unsure whether relating to silicone poisoning or over training my body in running. Then over the period of 18 months I gradually got better but not quite 100%. Over the last few months however I have noticed my hair falling out (I think has been happening slowly over the last year - hard to say but have just started to notice the thinness of it now) and the strands becoming incredibly thin as well, along with some odd pains that come and go in my joints. Also anxiety and on some days a struggle to keep motivated. My hair is my main concern atm. Today I had a biopsy to test on alopecia so waiting on results. I am wondering if others have had experience with hair loss associated with implants and will removing them bring my hair back to normal.