kidney failure

Hello, I'm a fellow physician and a fan of yours. I'm wondering if you're familiar with any cases of kidney failure (lupus nephritis) related to implants, and if you know of a way to measure urinary silicate excretion?? Wondering if there are any definitive ways to investigate the role of implants with CKD/ARF vs something else (amalgams etc) that may be going on with the patient. Of course, it all works together, but just looking for more objective evidence if you have any ideas. With gratitude, CM


I am not aware of any cases of kidney failure with silicone.  I do not know any labs testing for urinary silicate excretion (Dr. Shanklin is no longer with us).  I have seen patients have increase blood pressure which we treat with antifungals that kills off the yeast and releases mercury.

Kidney enzymes

I don't know if this helps, but my kidney enzymes have been found to be crazily elevated without cause very recently. I now see that it is yet another symptom of my silicone poisoning. My doctor says that I'm on the way to kidney disease if I don't get it under control.

Kidney problems

I would recommend Renapath for you which is a homeopathic treatment to detox the kidney.  It is possible that the chemicals could affect the kidney in some patients.