Left Breast Swelling

I hopping someone maybe has gone through this or may know what the heck is going on....

2005 I had saline implants under the muscle so it's going on 10 yrs.
A couple of months ago, I notice that my Left breast was huge, I did breast exam, no lumps. In July I notice a rash that look like a sunburn on the outer part of my left breast with tenderness. Over the last 2 months the tenderness is worst, I have pain, (burning,stabbing) deep in the mid outer part of my breast with swelling and pain all the way up to my arm pit.
I have had a B9 mammo, ultrasound and mri. I think my Doctor thinks I'm nuts.
I two consolations with plastic surgeon in my area, but I just don't want to remove without knowing what in the world is going on. Should I have anymore testing done?

Please can someone give me insight...

Your Not Crazy

I just had the same thing happen to me, pain shooting through my left breast and I had mine done in Aug 26, 2004. Doctors think Im making things up. Im with you, I contacted Dr Kolb to start making my way to getting an En block


This sounds like an infection.  I would recommend a consultation to determine antibiotic and antifungal treatment and surgery to remove the capsule and the implant.

plastic surgeons

Most plastic surgeons are very poorly educated about the complications of breast implants in my experience.