Returning Symptoms 6 years after Explant

In Sept of 2011, Dr. Kolb removed both of my 34 year old silicone breast implants, which had been leaking, along with two auxiliary lymph nodes on the right and one on the left. After taking the post operative antibiotics, anti-fungals, and supplements, all my symptoms went away.

About two months ago (July 2017), I started to have the same symptoms I had before my explants: pressure in my upper chest, swollen lymph nodes under my arms and in my neck, soreness in my breast bone and ribs, tingling in my arms and legs, and a cough.

My PCP thinks this is due to allergens in the air, but I am not convinced. I told her about my breast implant symptoms being the same as now, and gave her my post operative records and imaging records, and said I am concerned about lymphoma.

She has ordered a mammogram and a few blood tests: CRP, ESR, and CBC w/Diff, which I will do this coming week.

I asked about getting a bilateral breast ultrasound and other blood tests like ANA and RNP antibodies, which were both high before my surgery, but she said "No" to my request.

What tests should I ask her to do? Has anyone else had a recurrence of these symptoms so long after explant surgery?

Recurrence of illness

This can be due to yeast or mold or intracellular infections. Your doctors know very little about treating or diagnosing these diseases. Avoid skin care products that have dimethicone or silicone and fabric softeners. I would recommend that you see me again for this recurrence.