Should I go to hospital? Please advise??

I am going and have been going thru hell. As I write this my hands are swollen, bleeding, cracking, dry well as the rest of my body. I had implants put in 1998. Shortly after, I had started experiencing all types of allergies, hives/urticaria, eczema, dermatitis, get the picture.
I went many times to various doctors over the years and of course, response was, "No, this is not from your implants"
I am 48, I live alone, and I've spent all of my savings on doctors. The last cpl of years I have not worked bc of lack of energy, brain fog, etc.
I am now broke, and have lost my health insurance but applied this morning via phone for medicaid. I had no choice. I feel like there is poison through out my body and I am beyond exhausted. To make matters worse, I lost both my parents and sister over the last cpl of years, and am divorced. I have absolutely no help and am afraid for my life.
If I go to hospital, and I know this may sound crazy, if they find some kind of leak ( I have saline) should I let them do the surgery there? I have no other idea as to what I can do. Please if anyone reads this Id really appreciate it. I don't really have too many others that would understand, and I know this site has an amazing amount of wonderful and compassionate people who do. There needs to be a petition sent to the FDA! This really is ridiculous to hear how so many women are suffering!! Thank you for reading. Trace`LI NY

Thank you I am familiar with

Thank you I am familiar with both, however; I am not feeling well enough to wait to read a book, nor do i have the financial resources to go to Dr Kolb right now. But thank you so much for your input and help.

Breast implants and rashes

We do see these rashes frequently in patients with defective implants.  Some are fungal and some are allergic.  I would recommend explantation, antifungals, and biotoxin detox if fungus is an issue and Allersol if there is an allergic component.  You can email me at and request to be put on the Angel Explant list if you need financial help.  It should be approved soon.