sympathetic rheumatologist in Atlanta


My Dow Corning Silicone implants were removed about 15 yr ago after it was discovered they had ruptured. The removal required 2 surgeries and silicone still remained and would show up on mammograms. I never really thought much about it. After many years of symptoms it finally led to going to a Rheumatologist. I have been diagnosed with ANA's, Raynouds, Fibromyalga, Dry Eye, etc. I never thought much about the Down Corning Lawsuit although I was a part of it and received explant money. Meanwhile my old lawyer (whom I hadn't heard from for about 6 yr) turned my case over to new lawyers. I had already gone to the first Rheumatologist prior to speaking to the lawyer.
Confirmation of these symptoms in a very short time has lead to what will be a disease claim. My question is: is anyone in Atlanta going to a Rheumatologist or Dermatologist that you don't feel like your trying to milk the system because they don't believe silicone caused these symptoms.

The dermatologist I went to confirmed it was a malar rash, yet he would not exclude(as required) that it was Rosacea nor a sunburn. He didn't even discuss a "sunburn" or Rosacea. In fact he had an intern with him and he saw the Livideo Reticularis and commented. Also know of the ANA's etc. I told him about the ruptures and none of these syptoms occured prior to the implants. I think he was a non believer in the whole silicone issue and would not sign off on the paperwork needed for the submital for the disease claim.

I presently have saline implants and would like to receive the claim so I could see Dr. Kolb about my options in all these symptoms.

Thank you, sorry it's so long.

This is for the Atlanta area.

Autoimmune disease

Rheumatologists do not understand the cause of autoimmune disease which is either chemical toxicity (you need surgery and detox) or intracellular infections which need to be treated. We treat thousands of patients with these issues successfully without dangerous drugs that impair the immune system.